In partnership with ProFly center and DJI Academy, we offer several courses for both beginners and advanced pilots, and also professional workshop to get a deeper insight of drone piloting and regulations.


Hands-on drone flight training for individuals and teams, for every skill levels

Drones are revolutionizing business and organizations across a variety of industries, proving to be an invaluable contributor to any organization’s bottom line. For pilots looking to be part of this thriving industry, the journey begins with a clear understanding of the rules for being a compliant, responsible operator, and ultimately – getting the necessary training to help you become a qualified drone pilot.

Each course is held over several days and supervised by instructors and experienced pilots. They consist of theoretical and practical modules. The training in software dedicated to your profession is led by experts. A declaration of competence is issued to you by Solectric Academy at the end of the drone training.



Have you bought a drone and want to learn to fly safely and legally? Sign up for our entry-level courses, where you will receive useful knowledge from experienced pilots.



You will also get extensive knowledge of the use of drones. You can learn how to take great photos and how to use DJI Enterprise products like Matrice 300 and Mavic 2 Enterprise safely.



Do you need in-depth specialist knowledge about the use of drones in photogrammetry or inspection? Your department would like to use a drone for rescue operations? Find out about our range of professional workshops.



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