SOL Companion

The Portable Drone Detector

The SOL Companion is a user-friendly, mobile alarm device that identifies commercially available remote-controlled drones from a long distance.

SOL Companion makes flying a drone simple. When employed on a transportable basis, the system unit can operate independently in any area, immediately after being turned on, and even in the most adverse weather conditions.

SOL Companion is the perfect partner for mobile apps. The risk from the air is reliably identified and notified even on the road.

A Personal Protector

A message is sent to the smartphone or smartwatch for each recognized drone and its remote control. An app is used to visualize unmanned flying devices.

The detection radius of the remote control (and that of the drone) are color-coded while viewing the detection results on mobile devices. Even the detector’s distance is calculated and presented.

The alarm goes off all around the world. The highly secure SecuriCloud notifies defined people. Even when operating SOL Companion on a stationary basis.



  • Battery life: ~18 hours
  • Power supply: 115/230 V AC adapter
  • Frequency antenna: 2400-2500 MHz, 5150-5990 MHz
  • Detection time: <5 seconds
  • Operating temperature: -30°C to +65°C
  • Protection class: IP67
  • Detection range: 1 to 2 km

The WINGMAN app’s functionalities

  • Display drones and remote
  • Display of Remote ID
  • System Monitoring Alarms
  • Display your own location
  • Live Distance Display
  • Alarm zone
  • Share location – initiate interventions
  • Setup conveniently via QR code
  • Alarm reception anywhere by mobile devices (SecuriCloud)
  • Establishment of the local network (without cloud)


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